Why America Continues To Be a Racist Country

 May 31, 2020 – James Roberson

The stories we tell are not at the protests. They are at the dinner tables. My white brothers & sisters, lead the movement.

How To Be a Christian Anti-Racist

 June 7, 2020 – James Roberson

To be an anti-racist, become aware of the historical and political strongholds of racism. Invest in the black community in your city. Support black leadership and black businesses. Pray for the against disparities in your city and for equality for black people.

The History Of Race In The American Church

 June 14, 2020 – James Roberson

Turn from every ideology and tear down every stronghold in our society that has not valued black lives. Because black lives matter to God.

A Conversation With Our Leaders

 June 21, 2020 – Rasool Berry

A Discussion on this recent series led by host, Rasool Berry, with Lourdes Branch and Steve Canter