Committing To Counter-Culture

 November 10, 2019 – Rasool Berry

Do you believe God’s restrictions are better than the culture’s provisions?

Counter-Cultural Revelation

 November 17, 2019 – Rasool Berry

The world says fight or flight when it comes to cultural conflict, but what does God say?

Facing The Fire Of Conformity

 November 24, 2019 – James Roberson

God saves you in the fire, not from the fire.


 December 1, 2019 – James Roberson

Behind the spirit of pride is a spirit of entitlement. The proud are constantly saying, ‘I deserve it.’ And when they receive it, they say, ‘It’s about time.’

The Writing Is On The Wall

 December 8, 2019 – James Roberson

Your life is temporary. You’ll be held accountable. Your influence is a stewardship.

Counter-Cultural Vision

 January 5, 2020 – Rasool Berry

We don’t need resolutions. We need revelations.

Prayer Changes Things

 January 19, 2020 – James Roberson

Whatever you’re praying for, pray not just for it to happen for you. But pray for it to happen for God’s glory.

Delay Is Not Denial

 January 26, 2020 – James Roberson

The spirit of New York is hustle. More, bigger, faster, louder — these are the lies of New York. God is not telling us to leave Babylon. He’s telling us to wash our hands.