Teaching to Obey

 September 3rd, 2017 – James Roberson

From papers, finals and pop quizzes we all learned in school how to get more information and regurgitate it when the right time came. Learning through information is what we’re accustomed to. Jesus in this passage teaches us to learn through application. The essence of growth and discipleship is obedience.

Grow With Family

 September 10th, 2017 – Rich Bowman

The early believers grew together by sharing a meal, praying, and learning God’s word in a home together. Christian community is the ideal environment for discipleship. If one seeks to live a life of obedience to Jesus then they must understand that most of that obedience is carried out in how we serve and love others.

Training The Trainers

 September 17th, 2017 – James Roberson

If we’re going to see new leaders in the church and the world they must be developed. In our third installment of “Take Your Next Step” we’ll look at the training of Timothy through the Apostle Paul as a model of how we grow leaders and launch them into the world.

Raising Kids God's Way

 September 24th, 2017 – Omar Fernandez

Some of us have God-parents. But we want this church to act like a God-family as we disciple and raise our kids together.