A Damascus Road Experience

 July 7, 2019 – Dr. James Roberson Jr

You’ve been taught your whole life to conform. But when you have an experience with Jesus Christ, He will transform you and give you a new life.

From Ordinary To Extraordinary

 July 15, 2019 – Steve Canter

Making changes instead of simply wanting change.

The Gospel Moves

 July 21, 2019 – Rev. Dr. Michael Carrion

Why is it that the Gospel goes places that our churches won’t go?

The Gospel Moves Part 2

 July 28, 2019 – Rev. Dr. Michael Carrion

Faith is a bridge over troubled water but it’s also bridge into troubled waters.

Image Bearers

 Aug 04, 2019 – Rasool Berry

You are worthy of honor because God put his stamp on you.