Are You Stuck?

 May 3, 2020 – James Roberson

Do not believe God’s silence means God is absent. God was not absent in your silence towards Him.

A Purpose and a Promise

 May 10, 2020 – James Roberson

Paul considered his thorn a gift. It pointed him to God’s power.

Live Empowered

 May 17, 2020 – James Roberson

Paul has come to the end of himself. He has nothing left. He have no strength. And the only way he will move through this moment is Jesus’ strength alone.

Perfected Through Perseverance

 May 24, 2020 – James Roberson

Heavenly Father, I believe you will use this ______ until you choose to remove this. Grant me the wisdom to see as you see and the strength to do as you say.