Love Your Enemy

 August 5, 2018 – James Roberson

“If we treat people the way they treat us, how are we any different from the world?”

Love Your Brothers and Sisters

 August 12, 2018 – James Roberson

“This week, do the love challenge. Here’s $10 to show benevolent love to someone who is needy. Or here’s $20 to show radical love to someone that has become your enemy.”

Chosen to Love

 August 19, 2018 – James Roberson

“God deserves the credit for His affection for you.”

Solid Gold Love

 September 2, 2018 – James Roberson

“People can see all the fruit but God can see all your faith.”

Loving Friends

 September 9, 2018 – James Roberson

Who we let influence us often guides the direction of our lives. There are some friendships we need to increase, some we need to decrease, and some we need to cancel. Don’t be afraid to cancel a friendship that is causing you to stumble.

Loving Your Marriage

 September 23, 2018 – James Roberson

Satan wants you to have as much sex as possible in your singleness and as little sex as possible in your marriage.

Love in Every Season

 September 30, 2018 – James Roberson

There is a constant battle in our hearts wondering and dreaming if the grass is greener on the other side. Life is a struggle and the next season may be better but it will have its rough patches as well. The best thing you can do is bloom where you are planted.