Moses Is Called

 April 29 , 2018 – James Roberson

Moses encounters God in the burning bush. God had seen the oppression of slaves in Egypt; He had heard their cries of injustice; and He has known their pain. God also calls us to do something about the injustice around us. God sees, hears and knows the suffering of others. He sends us to provide healing and provision.

The Exodus

 May 6 , 2018 – James Roberson

Jesus and the earliest Christians saw in the story of the Exodus a picture of what God was doing for the whole human race. It’s not just that people 3,300 years ago were slaves in Egypt. As God intervened in history to save the Israelites from bondage, so, we believe, God intervened in history once more to save and redeem the human race — to save us from our lostness, brokenness, and fears. And he saves us from guilt, sin, and death.

God Behind The Scenes

 May 13 , 2018 – James Roberson

God is not mentioned anywhere in this entire story in Exodus 2, yet He was still at work. God worked through heroic midwives, through Moses’ courageous mother, and through a compassionate princess who listened to her heart and not her head. God works in ordinary ways, through seemingly ordinary people who pay attention, who listen for His nudges on their hearts. People who don’t give into their fears but seek to do the right thing regardless of the cost.

The Ten Commandments

 May 20 , 2018 – James Roberson

 Practically speaking, rules are often the centerpiece of religious life. Many people think the Ten Commandments are rules that make a relationship with God possible. If you follow the rules, God will be happy. If you don’t, He won’t be happy. But what if a relationship with God doesn’t depend on our obedience? When it comes to your relationship with God, what is the role of rules?

Pass it On

 May 27 , 2018 – James Roberson

The Israelites were camped out in the plains of Moab before they went into the Promised Land. It is here that Moses addressed the people and his words are what we know as the book of Deuteronomy. Moses would then climb Mt. Nebo where he would die. Moses didn’t have his life end the way he wanted it to but he did pass his life along to another generation of believers as we’re all called to do.