Impossible People

 Mar 12, 2017 – James Roberson

There are people that we think are too far from God and without hope. What if you made a list of people that it would take an absolute miracle to know God? There are 5 people around you right now that you can begin praying to know Christ today because no one is too far from God and no one is impossible for God to save.

Impossible Problems

 Mar 19, 2017 – James Roberson

There are situations that seem so complex and unbelievable that you feel change is impossible. What if you had to feed over 5000 people but only had a couple of fish and loaves? Just as Jesus stepped into these moments, He wants you to step into your impossible moments. Right now there is a situation you may presume is unchangeable but God wants you to trust Him for a miracle.

Impossible Platforms

 Mar 26, 2017 – James Roberson

There are platforms that you may assume you could never achieve and are too big for you. Maybe you have made too many mistakes or are unqualified. Jesus takes His most unqualified leader and challenges him to lead the global movement of the church. Right now there may be an opportunity for God to get glory through you and you may be afraid. We are just like Peter — God often takes the most unqualified to show off His strength to the world.

Impossible Peace

 April 2, 2017 – Rich Bowman

How can we experience a peace that surpasses all understanding? Christians are called to remember the living God who works out all things for the good of those who love Him. If we set our heart on anything besides God, we can lose our peace. But if our greatest love is the unchanging God, then our peace can never be taken from us.

Impossible Prayers

 April 9, 2017 – James Roberson

Is there a prayer that you are unwilling to stop praying? Have you ever said to yourself, “Even though this seems impossible, I will pray until it happens”? God is pleased by impossible prayers because they speak to your faith being rooted in the possible God.