Jesus is our Alpha and Omega

 Jan 28, 2018 – James Roberson

Every person is complex and cannot be understood by one role. You can be a father, husband, and son all at once. You can be a doctor, baseball coach, and deacon all at once. To understand one part of you would be short-sighted and you’d miss the fullness of your life. Many people seek Jesus to serve them and save them but may miss the fact that He will also judge them. We must learn to trust His judgment as clearly as we seek His service and salvation.

Fall in Love Again

Feb 4, 2018 – James Roberson

Every couple goes through a honeymoon phase. They were enchanted with one another and then their feelings for one another fade. Every relationship has to re-calibrate in order to be sustainable. Jesus calls the church to re-calibrate and to love each other like they did when they first came together.

Check Yourself

Feb 11, 2018 – James Roberson

At some point you have to look in the mirror and wonder if you are who you say you are. We all need a reality check to see if we are living in reality. Sometimes we need someone else to show us ourselves as well. Jesus peers into the church and speaks into the reality of a church that is fooling itself.