Formula For Growth

 Jan 22, 2017 – Rasool Berry

Before we can effectively heal the brokenness in the world, we must allow the Gospel to heal the brokenness in us. Before we can move into our future, we must make sense of our past and embrace how it has formed who we are. We’ll discover what this formula is and how you can follow it.

The Need For Bonding & Boundaries

 Jan 29, 2017 – Rasool Berry

The two primary steps for growth and healing is bonding and boundaries. God made us for community, but also made us as individuals. We need to bond but we also need to be responsible for our own actions and calling.

On The Road to Adulthood

 Feb 5, 2017 – Rasool Berry

Learning to accept the fact that our heroes are good but broken people is hard. Accepting that we are also good but broken people in Christ is even harder. But in order for us to walk in maturity as believers and adults, we must learn to see the truth in ourselves and that we are no longer “little people in a big world” but co-heirs with Christ and partners with each other to change the world. This last step brings all the others together.