Passion for the Vision

 November 5, 2017 – James Roberson

Changing your world begins with finding your passion. It’s not enough to be concerned or interested. Passion is a willingness to suffer towards a solution.

Prayer Changes Things

 November 12, 2017 – James Roberson

To be a leader in this world, you don’t have to be the best. You just have to care the most. Commit yourself to prayer and prayer will change things.

Resistance is Coming...

 November 19, 2017 – James Roberson

 We don’t face opposition because we’re doing something wrong. We face opposition because we’re doing something right. We will not see things change until we’re ready for opposition.

Restoring Dignity

 November 26, 2017 – James Roberson

Oppression happens through systems. To change a culture, we must change structures, resist evil powers, and restore dignity to the people.