The Captive Next Door

 Jan 7, 2018 – Carvens Lissaint

When we place focus on serving in the midst of our inner turmoil and suffering, God will ignite freedom for those around you.

Enjoy Life

 Jan 14, 2018 – Steve Canter

Life is made up of many different seasons with different emotions and responsibilities. God created these different seasons to help shape us into who He intended us to be. He uses the different seasons, good and bad, to capture our attention and hearts when He is ready to change something about us.

Fighting Fear

 Jan 26, 2018 – Rich Bowman

Fear is a debilitating force that seeks to take our joy and confidence away. It prevents us from having trust in our savior and king, Jesus. We will explore how God makes it clear that his presence will prevail over our deepest fear.

Growing in Friendship

 Feb 18, 2018 – Rich Bowman

So many people in this City are committed to many but trust very few. As the church continues to grow with each other, we must also grow in friendship. Today we will discover the four markers of a good friend.

Authentic Faith

March 4, 2018 – Rasool Berry

Jesus calls us to authentic faith. He enters our circumstances and challenges us to follow Him. Seeing Him for who He is, causes us to realize who we are not. But in the midst of our fallenness, He offers forgiveness and purpose.