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Connect to God. Grow with Family. Serve our City.

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Our Collection of Articles

Day Two: The Mystery of Iniquity (January 2)

A perception of naught Where the majority remains caught Loving a lie Not realizing in Adam, all die … It’s the mystery of Iniquity .. When it all All falls down –       Lauryn Hill, The Mystery of Iniquity     It was always me versus the world Until I found it’s me versus me Why,…

Day One: In the beginning … God (January 1)

Day One. In the beginning, God No heaven, no Earth No nothing No Mountains, no valleys No main street, no back alleys No night, no day No bills to pay No glory, no gloom Duke Ellington, In The Beginning God In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 The first words…

December 31, 2017 – Introduction to 7 Habits of Healthy Christians

“Why are you doing that?” “What?” “Would you put your phone down while I’m trying to talk to you?” “Oh, yeah, sorry, bad habit.” Ever notice that we tend to do certain things without even thinking about them? Even when we don’t, those closest to us definitely notice our habits. Doubt it? Just ask them.…

Lightbulbs in Flatbush

The Bridge Church will be launching a new campus in Flatbush, Brooklyn on September 17, 2017. On Saturday November 19, 2016, Bridge Church launched its first major outreach to the Flatbush community. Rich Bowman, Lead Planter of Bridge Church Flatbush, led a team of 25 volunteers who went door to door handing out free light…

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City Groups meet weekly to deepen their love for God through Bible study and prayer.

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Bridge Kidz offers a fun and loving environment,
while teaching children about the love of Christ.

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We have Sunday teams and justice teams with
3 community-based organizations in Brooklyn.

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For a church plant to grow, we need help from many people.
Partner with us. Join the mission.

The Bridge Church welcomes you!

Are you on a spiritual journey? Do you constantly seek answers while getting through your everyday life? Are you feeling lost?

It happens to all of us. Many people wonder about their purpose in life and are searching for answers. In such a large, diverse city, it’s easy to feel alone but you are not. We invite you to journey with us.

A church plant established in 2014, our desire is to Connect to God, Grow with Family, and Serve our City. We believe true transformation happens through the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel.

Whether you’re exploring the Bible and it’s relevance in your life or you’re seeking to reconnect with God, we support you – as you are, where you are. Our prayer is that you’d become a part of our family – growing with us and serving the Brooklyn community.

People are able to grow in faith in community. Our support and encouragement will help you develop a closer relationship with God and a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Oftentimes, the Bible is seen as a list of rules, yet the Bible is much more than this. As a New York nondenominational church, our doors are open to everyone, and we invite you to know God. One of our hopes is to bring people of various cultures together, helping them share their experiences and bond over God’s love for us and our love for one another.

Our church is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We meet every Sunday at 4pm. We also have City Groups and Sunday Teams who meet and serve weekly. We look forward to meeting you!