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The Bridge Church will be launching a new campus in Flatbush, Brooklyn on September 17, 2017.

On Saturday November 19, 2016, Bridge Church launched its first major outreach to the Flatbush community. Rich Bowman, Lead Planter of Bridge Church Flatbush, led a team of 25 volunteers who went door to door handing out free light bulbs to residents of the community. Many families were blessed as the team distributed over 200 light bulbs. This outreach was meant to serve folks and show grace by offering free undeserved gifts.

At the end of the event Pastor Rich interviewed one of the volunteers, Brooklyn-native Phylicia Delince, to learn more about her experience.

Pastor Rich: What was the most surprising thing about the event?

Phylicia: I was surprised by how defensive people were. We were offering a free item but they just couldn’t believe it was free. They kept looking for ulterior motives because that’s what they were used to seeing. People in this community definitely keep a safe distance from engaging with one another.



Pastor Rich: What was your most memorable encounter?

Phylicia: One group of women let us into their home to pray with them. Funny thing was that they didn’t speak english so we used Google Translate to get some spanish words to say to them. They wanted prayer for themselves and their grandmother. In the middle of the prayer they started to cry. They were definitely grateful by this gesture.

Pastor Rich: How did the event help to build friendship between you and the people you were serving with?

Phylicia: Well, I was serving with Ashley and we already have a good relationship. This event did give me further insight into her heart. I knew she had a servant’s heart but seeing it firsthand blew me away. She was so loving and willing to serve the residents. I see a greater desire in her to be on mission in this community.

Pastor Rich: Did this event highlight the need for a church in Flatbush?

Phylicia: Absolutely. People need community. People live close together in physical proximity but their hearts are so far away from each other. There are so many people who have experienced church hurt in the neighborhood. People desire to see an authentic church. People here are so lonely and in need of a genuine community. Bridge Church Flatbush is needed in this neighborhood.

For more info on how to get connected with Bridge Church Flatbush, email Pastor Rich (

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