December 31, 2017 – Introduction to 7 Habits of Healthy Christians

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“Why are you doing that?”


“Would you put your phone down while I’m trying to talk to you?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, bad habit.”

Ever notice that we tend to do certain things without even thinking about them? Even when we don’t, those closest to us definitely notice our habits. Doubt it? Just ask them. Some habits, like eating everything on our plates even when we’re stuffed, have been ingrained in us since our youth. Others, like binge watching an entire Netflix season in one day have become recent issues for us.

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.[1] And while our frustrations (and New Year’s Resolutions) tend to focus on breaking our bad ones, good habits also exist. Most of us have grown accustomed to reaching for our toothbrushes as soon as we get up in the morning or looking both ways before we cross the street. These our helpful habits that fight off cavities and keep us alive at crosswalks. So, we can also develop good habits that nurture our growth. That’s good news for anyone who has struggled with their spiritual growth. We don’t have to be stuck in our old patterns of behavior, but we can develop new ones that encourage our formation into becoming more like Christ.

The Apostle Paul wrote about such training in his letter to his prodigy, Timothy:

For the training of the body has limited benefit, but godliness is beneficial in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. 1 Timothy 4:8

The Bridge Church has identified Seven Habits of Healthy Christians that, when repeated regularly, will create a routine of growth and spiritual formation that is transformational! We have created this 7 Week Devotional series around the 7 habits to equip you to incorporate these habits into your life. Of course, like any habit, constant practice is necessary to reinforce it. Imagine, getting to a place where reconciling with others, walking in the Spirit, developing safe relationships expressing generosity and justice, sharing God’s story, and persevering through trials becomes a habit? Something you tend to do almost subconsciously? Well, no need to imagine it, just practice these 7 habits and experience it!

[1] Wikipedia: habit Captured December 20, 2017.

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