Day Seven: Who is the Holy Spirit? Part 1 (January 9)

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Holy Spirit, You are welcome here

Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere

Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for

To be overcome by Your presence, Lord

Let us become more aware of Your presence

Let us experience the glory of Your goodness

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Imagine if Michael Jordan told the Chicago Bulls just before he retired (first time), “Don’t worry, this team will be better without me!” They probably looked at each other in sadness and disbelief. How could a team possibly get better by losing the best basketball player ever? But it wouldn’t have been the first time such an outrageous claim has been made. Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, told his followers that they would be better off when He was gone. They probably looked at each other in disbelief too! But look at why Jesus made this promise:

Nevertheless, I am telling you the truth. It is for your benefit that I go away because if I don’t go away, the Counselor will not come to you. If I go, I will send him to you. When he comes, he will convict the world about sin, righteousness, and judgment.(John 16:7-8)

The reason Jesus could rightfully tell his followers that his departure was for their benefit was based on an old promise from centuries before that would now come into focus. It was a moment that many highly anticipated—a moment that Peter, one of Jesus’ closest followers, said has finally arrived.

On the contrary, this is what was spoken through the prophet Joel:

And it will be in the last days, says God,

that I will pour out my Spirit on all people;

then your sons and your daughters will prophesy,

your young men will see visions,

and your old men will dream dreams.

(Acts 2:16-17)

God fulfilled the prophet Joel’s prediction that the Spirit would be poured out in Acts 2, and now the Holy Spirit indwells and fills all of God’s “sons and daughters”!  This is why it is written:

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own.

1 Corinthians 6:19

In the past, the Holy Spirit filled the Temple that was constructed to worship Him.

Now, we no longer have to go to a building to encounter God’s presence because our “body is a temple of the Holy Spirit” tweet

God’s presence in us is a beautiful and fulfilled promise. When we accept Christ, his Spirit lives inside of us at all times, in the way He once dwelt in the Temple in Jerusalem built for His glory. Here are a few key facts about the Holy Spirit that are vital for us to know.

The Holy Spirit Convinces Us Of Our Need for God

We initially become aware of our need for Christ, and can call out to him because of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “When he comes, he will convict the world about sin, righteousness, and judgment.” The Holy Spirit reveals that deep inside of ourselves: we need God. Without Him, neither us nor the people we desire to connect to God, would be persuaded that He is the solution to our most profound problems. The Holy Spirit allows us to see God for who He is, and ourselves in our flaws (sin). He then points us to our need for God’s direction (righteousness), and forgiveness and mercy (judgment). The Holy Spirit persuades us that only God can fill our deepest needs. But His work doesn’t end there. He also assures us that God has met them all!

The Holy Spirit Confirms Our Relationship With God

Sometimes our awareness of our failures can overwhelm us, and cause us to doubt our relationship with God. We wonder, “How could God accept us in our messiness?”. Once again, the Holy Spirit is our Helper with this struggle.

For all those led by God’s Spirit are God’s sons. You did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear. Instead, you received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father!” The Spirit himself testifies together with our spirit that we are God’s children, and if children, also heirs—heirs of God and coheirs with Christ—if indeed we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him.

Romans 8:14-17

The Holy Spirit confirms in our hearts that “we are God’s children.” The joy we experience in worship, our deep sadness when we fall short of God’s expectations, and our sense of forgiveness, redemption, and call to serve, are all evidence that we are God’s children. Think about your own story. The Spirit often reveals Himself in a way we can’t even express in words, but we become sure that God is real, and loves us as His own Son. God has adopted us and the Holy Spirit, God’s very presence inside us, is the proof.

  1. In what ways is it better for us that Jesus left, and the Holy Spirit has been poured out?
  2. How have you experienced being convinced of your need for God, awareness of your flaws, and need for grace and mercy?

Take a moment to thank God for sending us the Holy Spirit to convince us and confirm our relationship with Him.

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