Finding Faith Amidst Confusion: Nurturing Intimacy With Jesus

In times of confusion and uncertainty, many of us seek solace and guidance, longing for a sense of purpose and direction. This quest often leads us into a spiritual journey, searching for something that can liberate us from our external challenges. However, true liberation, as Jesus teaches us, is not merely external but also internal […]

The Triumphal Entry: A Closer Look At Jesus’ Entrance Into Jerusalem

The Triumphal entry is an event of significant historical and spiritual importance. It’s a story thathas been told, retold, analyzed, and reinterpreted throughout the ages. This event, recorded inthe Gospel of Matthew 21:1-11, marks a pivotal moment in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The Context Before delving into the details of this monumental […]

Avoid Having a Knockoff Faith: Let Your Faith Produce Good Works

Faith is a powerful force that can transform lives, but it must be accompanied by genuine worksto be truly effective. In the book of James, the concept of a counterfeit faith is explored – a faiththat is merely professed but lacks the evidence of accompanying works. This article delves intothe importance of avoiding a knockoff […]

Church Shouldn’t Have a VIP Section: Embracing God’s Impartiality

In a world that often values status and wealth, the Church should be a beacon of impartialityand inclusion. The notion of a VIP section within the Church goes against the very essence ofChristianity. It contradicts the teachings of James, who urged believers to show no partiality asthey held their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, […]