What is a City Group like?

It is 7 o’clock on a breezy, crisp, fall evening and everyone is arriving at the Bed-Stuy City Group. Folks begin talking and once everyone arrives, the group prays over the meal that has been prepared and begins to eat together. While everyone is eating the leaders of the group, Yanique, Elizabeth and John, introduce…

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3 Stages of Leadership Dev’t in a New Cmty

My wife and I moved to Brooklyn February 6th of 2013. Although I grew up in New York I had actually never been to Brooklyn. I had to learn to how to get around and I had absolutely no friendships. Starting this church meant we had to create some kind of way to not only…

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The Big Lie

In 1925, a book was published to expose what it claimed was a propaganda technique used to blame a whole ethnicity and nation

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