The Bridge Church launched in 2014 in Downtown Brooklyn. Wherever someone might be on their spiritual journey, we want to help folks Connect to God, Grow with Family, and Serve our City. We’ve seen God grow our Downtown Brooklyn location and we want to reach more people. We’re planting a new campus of The Bridge Church in Flatbush because we believe this historic, Brooklyn community deserves to be transformed by the dynamic expression of the gospel – which is the church on mission.

Introducing the Bowman Family

Rich Bowman will be the Campus Pastor for Bridge Church Flatbush. Rich’s mother immigrated to the United States from Grenada and his father came to the United States from St. Vincent. Originally from Midwood Brooklyn, Rich’s father would take him to different locations in Brooklyn to preach the gospel on street corners. In 2007, his father passed away but during his life, Rich’s father instilled in him the importance of a relationship with Jesus. Rich and his wife Emmanuela have been friends since they were in Middle School. Originally from Mill Basin, Brooklyn, Emmanuela is passionate about empowering other married women. 

Rich and Emmanuela have been married for 4 years and their daughter Charlotte is 2. Rich & Emmanuela began attending the Bridge Church in 2013, before the church launched. In 2014, they started a Bridge Church City Group in Flatbush, gathering young men and women from the neighborhood to build authentic community with each other. Their City Group grew quickly because people from the area were hungry for Biblical teaching and Biblical community. Rich began preaching quarterly and was installed as an Elder in 2015.



• Founded by the Dutch in 1651
• 255,000 people living within 5 square miles
• 39% speak a language other than English at home
• 47 Nations Represented
• 27% of the population lives below the poverty level


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